Choosing The Right Nail Treatment For Problem Nails

Jessica Nail Chart

If you want great looking nails but always struggle with getting them in shape, the why not check out our Nail Chart below.

In the same way that you get different skin types, you also get different nail types. Adapting your lifestyle and diet can help or hinder your nails but help is on hand with some great treatment products from Jessica Cosmetics.

Why not find out which nail problem you may be having and try the correct Jessica treatment to bring them back to life?


Dry Nails – Rejuvenation

I have Dry Nails

  • Do your nails lack moisture?
  • Do you get ridges and white spots with?a powdery finish to your natural nail?

Jessica Rejuvenation offers a unique protein?KSW Complex for?hydrating your nail. Jojoba Oils and Aloe?Gel boost flexibility and Vitamin E nourishes?your nail.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

Brittle Nails – Recovery

Brittle Nail Problems

  • Are your nails hard and inflexible? (They may also be curved.)
  • Do they shatter or break high on the nail?

Jessica Recovery restores suppleness to your nail and alleviates breakages. The moisture is restored with Protein KSW, Calcium and H2O which also helps growth and flexibility.[/twocol_one_last] [twocol_one]

After Acrylics – Restoration

After Acrylic Nail Care

  • Are your nails thin and weak, lacking any luster?
  • Are you struggling to get them to grow?

Jessica Restoration helps rebuild and repair the structure of your nail. This treatment basecoat contains Echinacea to help heal and restore your nail to undo the damage caused by Acrylic Nail extensions.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

Peeling Nails – Fusion

Problems with Peeling Nails

  • Does your nail peel in layers?
  • (NB. Peeling can occur in all nail types)

Jessica Fusion has rubberized resins that bond the delicate layers of the nail together. Vitamins A & D help strengthen and condition the nail.
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Weak Nails – Critical Care

Fixing Weak Nails

  • Are your nails soft and weak with no life at all?
  • Do your nails simply not grow?

Jessica Critical Care has Protein KSW that brings your nail back to life, with Calcium fortified with intense strengtheners to harden the nail and boosts growth.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

Nail Breaks Easily – Life Jacket

My Nails Break Easily

  • Are your nails thin and fragile?
  • Are they prone to splitting and breaking easily?

Jessica Life Jacket offers a protective formula which cushions and protects your nail. Invisible fibres keep your nails from breaking, helping to make them stronger.

Ridged Nails – Flawless

Nails with Ridges

  • Do your nails suffer from unsightly ridges?
  • Are they unsmooth and ripply?

Jessica Flawless has superb fluidity, which creates a smooth and uniform surface to your nail. You can apply Flawless over any Jessica Basecoat underneath your colour.
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Normal Nails – Reward

Great looking nails

  • Are your nails pink, smooth and strong?
  • Are they flexible and resist any breakage across the nail?

Jessica Reward is rich in natural botanicals and Antioxidants helping to maintain the health?of your nail. Complete with Vitamins A, C, D & E, this is the prefect basecoat to maintain greta looking nails.

Download The Problem Nail Chart

nail-chartIf you fancy seeing all of this in one handy sheet, why not download our problem nail chart?

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