Helping Split Nails To Grow Out

How To Fix Split Nails

How To Fix Split NailsIf you have a nail that has split very low down, sometimes it can be a struggle to hold on to it. They very often end up breaking off, leaving your nail bed very sore.

The ideal solution is to allow the nail to grow out, which can be easier said than done without it spliting along the way.

Say Hello To Jessica Fibre Fix!

Fibre?Fix from Jessica Cosmetics allows your nail to recover, without it looking unsightly. It can be used as a treatment on its own, or you can also apply a colour on top as part of your manicure.

Products For Split NailsApplying a small amount of ?Fibre Fix to the nail?creates a strong barrier over the split.

This allows the split to grow further up the nail and eventually grow to the end where you can cut or file it away.

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