How Do I Apply Jessica Recovery?

Jessica Recovery 14.8ml

This comes from a client question:

I recently had a Jessica manicure in a salon where I was advised to use Recovery?as my nails are brittle and split & break easily. I think that I was?told to apply it on alternate days but am unclear as to how long I?should do this for and when to take it off and with what to do so.

Using Jessica Recovery

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Recovery is the treatment for brittle nails so you can apply two ways.

If you are wearing a colour on top

If you want to wear a nail polish colour on top of the treatment, apply Recovery as your basecoat underneath the colour.

We recommend two coats of Recovery to really hydrate the nails while the colour is on. Recovery is quite thin so it won’t cause a problem to the colour.

Recovery as a treatment product on its own

If you are not wearing a colour and are purely treating the nails until they get to a normal state, apply two coats of Recovery on its own, making sure you seal the free edge (end of nail).

Then, every other day, apply a coat on top, which will penetrate through to the nail.

At the end of the week remove the product using nail varnish remover and start again.

Do this until you have used the entire bottle and then have another manicure and your nail technician can assess whether you need to carry on with Recovery for a bit longer or put you on to a normal treatment which with maintain a healthy flexible nail.

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