Nifty New Neons For Summer

The summer sun has seen a rush for nail polish colours and two of the brighter Jessica range have been in sharp demand and are currently our top selling products for July 2013.

Pink Explosion (discontinued) and Purple Burst are always popular in the summer months, but with the trend for brighter neon style colours they are literally flying off the shelves.

New Limited Edition Neon Colours

Following the neon theme, last week Jessica released a limited edition collection called Neon, with four bright colours that will help maximise your summer sparkle. We aren’t sure how limited the edition is but we have all four colours now in stock:

Awesome Neons

Finally, if you fancy a choice and want some smaller colours to offer variations, why not try the Awesome Neons Gift Set. This funky Jessica nail polish set gives you three bright and sexy Jessica nail colours along with Brilliance and Reward Top Coats for the perfectly finished manicure:

  • Midi Reward (7.4 ml)
  • Midi 091 – Purple Burst
  • Midi 093 – Pink Explosion
  • Midi 094 – Orange Zest
  • Midi Brilliance (7.4 ml)

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