Peeling Nail Aftercare

Peeling Nails

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Peeling Nails

I have peeling fingernails and have invested in both The Fusion and The Critical Care as recommended by my therapist. I’m slightly confused as to whether or not I should use just one of the treatments or both of them (one over the other). I would be grateful for some guidance. For the moment, I am using Fusion and, hopefully, once my nails stop peeling I will use the Critical Care to help them grow. Does this sound like a good plan?

Our Answer…

What you are doing is spot on.??Use the Fusion as a treatment until the bottle is empty and then move on to Critical Care. But, remember that Critical Care is for soft nails and will strengthen them, but it’s vital to have slight flexibility in the nail otherwise it will become brittle and start splitting very low down.

This is common in thumbs. ?So, once your nails have stopped peeling and are strong with slight bend, you can then use Reward, which gives the nail the right hydration and support they need to remain in a normal state .

Treatment Application

  • Apply two coats of your treatment.
  • Every other day apply a coat on top and at the end if the week remove and start again.
  • Repeat until bottle is empty and reassess nails to work out what you need – a manicure at this point is advised to give them a good boost.

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