Summer Skincare Advice

The British Summer Time is always unpredictable.?One day, it’s hot, the next it’s cold and the constant changes can play havoc with your skin; especially when it is also getting subjected to various air conditioning and heating in the office, in the car, or at home.

These constant climate changes, whether natural or man-made, cause imbalances with the skin can can lead to an oily T-zone (forehead / nose / chin) or outbreaks of spots.

Why Does My Skin Come Out In Spots?

With heat, the skin pores open to cool then have to work hard to close against cool air. This constant opening and closing can lead to impurities. For instance, when you are hot, you sweat. The saltiness that is left as your skin cools can dry out your skin.?This is when the sebaceous glands go into overdrive to create oils to combat the de-hydrated skin.

Regime To Keep Your Skin Clear and Fresh

To combat outbreaks of spots or an oily ‘T’ Zone and manage your skin during changeable summer weather, it’s just a case of adapting your skincare regime.

Follow your usual?Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise?regime once of twice and day. Try using the Eve Taylor Balancing Skincare Range:

  • Eve Taylor Balancing Cleanser. This mild cleansing lotion is rich in skin smoothing amino acids, rich Soya to ensure a stability of skin texture and the Basil and Rosewood help to improve resistance to bacterial activity.
  • Eve Taylor Balancing Toner. This facial toner with Rose Otto and Neroli maintains stability of the skin texture and elasticity and helping to correct imbalances due to adverse environmental changes.
  • Eve Taylor Balancing Moisture Lotion. A light, easily absorbed, moisturiser that will hydrate and nourish the drier areas of your skin without leaving an oily feel to the whole face and neck.

As well as your usual regime, add in Exfoliation. Regularly using?Eve Taylor Exfoliating Scrub is essential to remove dead skin cells and also encourages blood circulation and cell renewal, which will keep your skin longer fresher, for longer.?Exfoliate 1-2 times per week.

Face Oils

Face Oils are also a great way to ensure that your skin is getting sufficient oil replenishment. These can be used along with your regular skincare regime prior to toning and moisturising.

  • Eve Taylor Face Oil No. 1?- Sensitive Skin
  • Eve Taylor Face Oil No. 2?- Delicate Skin
  • Eve Taylor Face Oil No. 3?- Problem Skin
  • Eve Taylor Face Oil No. 4?- Normal Skin
  • Eve Taylor Face Oil No. 5?- Mature Skin

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