Your Oily Skin Could Actually Be Dehydrated

Have you got oily skin and no matter how much you cleanse it just won?t go away?

So, you’re eating healthily and drinking water and still your face remains oily and you get the odd outbreak of spots. You’ve bought and used quality skincare products for oily skin and yet the more you use, the more frustrated you get as you can’t sift that oily sheen.

Well here is some skincare advice that may be the answer to your oily skin problem. Despite the fact that your skin is producing oil, it could actually be that your skin is de-hydrated. Sometimes, with constant cleansing, you can actually wipe away the moisture layer of your skin which sends a message to your sebaceous glands to produce more oil to protect it.

In this short video, Claire Killick, Salon Director of Truly Scrumptious explains why this happens.

Choosing The Right Skincare Products

Make sure you take expert advice from your beauty therapist, who should be able to identify the problem and offer the solution. We carry a range of?cleansers,?toners?and?skincare products?that can help you if you suffer from oily skin.

See our skincare products for oily skin.

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